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Chromatography is the collective term for a family of laboratory techniques for the separation of mixtures. It involves passing a mixture dissolved in a "mobile phase" through a stationary phase, which separates the analyte to be measured from other molecules in the mixture and allows it to be isolated. Chromatography may be preparative or analytical. Preparative chromatography seeks to separate the components of a mixture for further use (and is thus a form of purification). Analytical chromatography normally operates with smaller amounts of material and seeks to measure the relative proportions of analytes in a mixture.

Government Scientific is a distributor of chromatography consumables and supplies of virtually all the leading manufacturers. Columns from Agilent, Waters, Supelco, Restek, Alltech and Varian. Vials from Corning, Wheaton, Kimble Kontes, National Scientific and Agilent. Syringes from Hamilton and SGE. Gas generators from Parker Balston. Other specialized instruments and supplies from Perkin-Elmer, Machery Nagel, Teledyne Tekmar, CDS Analytical and Grace Vydac.

Life Science

GSS can help you keep up with the fast paced advances in life science research by bringing you instruments and supplies from the leading manufacturers. We offer equipment on GSA Contract from Bio-Rad, Corning, GE Healthcare, Millipore Sigma, QIAGEN, and many other name brands, to support your research.


Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease through examination of organs, tissues, cells and bodily fluids. The term encompasses both the medical specialty which uses tissues and body fluids to obtain clinically useful information, as well as the related scientific study of disease processes.

Government Scientific Source supports pathology analysis and research by offering state of the art instruments and supplies from Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad, QIAGEN, Leica Biosystems, BD, Sakura Finetek, and many others.


Government Scientific Source is your one source for environmental science. From atmospheric, earth and energy research to air, water and soil analysis, GSS features the most manufacturers available anywhere.

Electrochemistry instruments from Corning, Hach, Horiba, YSI, WTW and Thermo Fisher. Purification and treatment instruments from Barnstead, Millipore and US Filter/Siemens. Microwave digestion and extraction ovens from Milestone. Eagle Picher, 3M Empore, Whatman, Wheaton, Qorpak, Nalgene and others, all available through Government Scientific Source.


GSS is also your one-stop-shop for all your laboratory safety products. Personal protective equipment from Kimberly Clark, Lakeland, Elvex, and Best Gloves. From autoclaves, biohazard supplies and chemical storage, to safety cabinets, spill kits and signage, the entire catalogs from Lab Safety Supply and Thermo Fisher Safety are available, through Government Scientific Source.

General Lab

Government Scientific distributes the leading world-recognized manufacturers in the General Laboratory equipment industry. Brand names like Thermo Fisher, IEC, Precision/NAPCO, Orion, Revco and Corning Instruments. LabSafety, Barnstead Thermoline / Labline, Fluke, Eppendorf , Brinkman, Boekel, UVP, US Filter, Millipore, Denver Instruments, VWR Brand are available.

Brand name manufacturers such as Corning, Nalgene Nunc, Bel-Art, Wheaton, Whatman, are also distributed by Government Scientific. Glass and plasticware from Kimble Kontes, QorPak and Nalgene are available to simplify your lab procurement processes.

Consolidating multiple procurement orders to provide the products you want and the delivery you need, while saving you time and money, is one of the corporate missions of Government Scientific.

Lab Chemicals

Government Scientific offers a full spectrum of chemicals, solvents, buffers, reagents and standards from the world's leading manufacturers. Our focus is laboratory grade and higher purity solvents and reagents. Sigma Aldrich, Burdick and Jackson, Supelco, Accustandard, Absolute Standards, Ricca, Spex, Chemservice, EM Science / Harleco, JT Baker, VWR Brand and Fisher Chemicals are all available to meet your most stringent laboratory requirements.

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