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VIRAL XPRESS KIT The Light Diagnostic ViralXpress™ nucleic acid extraction reagent is intended for the purification of viral DNA and RNA from plasma, serum, cerebral spinal fluid, amniotic fluid, tissue, bone marrow, infected cells or cell culture supernatants. The ViralXpress™ kit provides a rapid method for the extraction and purification of amplification-competent nucleic acids; however, the kit does not separate DNA from RNA. Purification of either RNA or DNA can be achieved by incubating the purified material with either DNase or RNase, respectively, followed by re-extraction with ViralXpress™. The ViralXpress™ nucleic acid extraction kit can be used for the extraction and purification of a broad range of DNA and RNA viruses from a variety of sources. However, performance cannot be guaranteed for every virus or from all sources. For laboratory use only; not for diagnostic or in vivo use.

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