VIA Extractor™ tissue disaggregator – Omics bundle

by Cytiva

  • Omics bundle
  • Omics bundle
  • Omics bundle
  • Omics bundle
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Product Description

The VIA Extractor™ * tissue disaggregator disaggregates solid tissue into viable single cells. For use in high-throughput omics and flow cytometry research, the closed system uses mild processing to optimize yield and preserve content relative to the parent sample.

Recent technological advancements have made single-cell omics (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics) an increasingly powerful tool for diagnosis, treatment response prediction and treatment selection for cancer. The process begins with disaggregation of a fresh or frozen sample into a single-cell suspension, followed by preparation of a single-cell next-generation sequencing (NGS) library, then data analysis. The current techniques for sample disaggregation into a single cell suspension commonly involve manual mechanical or enzymatic disruption and can result in poor yields and viability, making them unsuitable for library preparation. The VIA Extractor™ tissue disaggregator overcomes these challenges with semi-automated, gentle processing that optimizes cell viability and preserves the cell content relative to the parent sample.

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