Note to Our Suppliers:

Verify an Order is Legitimate

Government Scientific Source is aware of increased incidents of fraudulent orders being placed for goods and services by parties illegally using the names of prominent, reputable companies.
GSS offers the following guidance to assist suppliers in verifying the authenticity of purchase orders that appear to be requested by GSS:

  • If your company received an order from a party claiming to represent GSS for raw materials, packaging, MRO, IT computer equipment, or process equipment, and you do not recognize the name of the buyer or the shipping address on the purchase order, further investigation is recommended.
  • Information to verify in any order includes looking for:
    • GSS Purchase Order Number
    • GSS procurement contact person or department, (e.g., and any of our phone numbers: 800.248.8030, 703.734.1088, 703.734.6962, or 877.202.7799
    • Ship To address is to a GSS warehouse location (see our list of locations at ) or an approved customer drop ship location
  • Email addresses, such as and, are not valid addresses and should be deemed fraudulent in nature.

If you would like to confirm a GSS purchase order, please contact GSS Purchasing at 703.734.1088 or

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