General Lab

Government Scientific distributes the leading world-recognized manufacturers in the General Laboratory equipment industry. Brand names like Thermo Fisher, IEC, Precision/NAPCO, Orion, Revco and Corning Instruments. LabSafety, Barnstead Thermoline / Labline, Fluke, Eppendorf, Brinkman, Boekel, UVP, US Filter, Millipore, Denver Instruments, VWR Brand are available.

Brand name manufacturers such as Corning, Nalgene Nunc, Bel-Art, Wheaton, Whatman, are also distributed by Government Scientific. Glass and plasticware from Kimble Kontes, QorPak and Nalgene are available to simplify your lab procurement processes.

Consolidating multiple procurement orders to provide the products you want and the delivery you need, while saving you time and money, is one of the corporate missions of Government Scientific.


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